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Trimming trees is needed for many reasons, either for the health of the tree or often to increase visibility, or if branches are causing issues such as creating moss on roofs due to overhang. Whatever the reason for needing your trees to be trimmed, give us a call for expert and professional tree trimming services in Northern Mass. We have the tools and climbers to trim any size tree.

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    Tree Trimming Services Lawrence MA

    Pruning, trimming and cutting are a few really great parts of landscaping services. The pruning of tree is a process performed with the intention of protecting the shrub or tree whereas tree trimming is done with the purpose of removing bushes that have overgrown that are preventing the shrub from getting enough light and moisture. Tree pruning is the removal of loose, infected, or dead branches in order for the shrub to properly flourish. Naturally, it is also done for the sake of shaping the tree or bush in a particular way.

    There are three general purposes for trimming your trees: safety, health, or aesthetics. If you prune a tree properly then it will help upkeep its appearance and shape. It’s important however to not try and impose a shape that’s too unnatural on a tree as this could damage it seriously. If there are any broken or dead limbs and branches they are at risk of falling off and hurting someone. There might be branches reaching down into the road or driveway which can make driving hazardous and these branches should be trimmed. An especially dangerous situation is if branches are growing in close proximity to any utility lines. This can cause the lines to break and can result in power shortages and a lack of internet connectivity. All these are signs that you might want to get your trees trimmed or pruned.

    There are a few common tools that are used for trimming and pruning your trees. Shears are the ideal tool for pruning. These come in two types, lopping shears and hand shears. Lopping shears have a handle which is about a foot long and it’s generally used for the cutting of thick branches. Hand shears are small enough to use with a single hand and are usually used for cutting off leaves and buds. If the branches are too thick for a set of shears, a saw is recommendable.

    In most cases, tree trimming should be performed twice every year whereas pruning is done just once a year. How often the tree is serviced also generally depends on what type of plant species is in question. Flowering trees are meant to be pruned by late June as soon as the blooming cycle is over. If the tree blossoms in the summer then spring and winter are the best seasons for pruning. If your goal is to change or improve the aesthetics of the tree then it’s ideal to get the trimming done during flowering season. For the sake of keeping the shrub strong, robust and healthy, it should have had its first trim before it grows to be a foot tall.​

    So give us a call today and get your trees trimmed and pruned! We provide trimming services for all intents and purposes, be it for health, aesthetics or safety. Our prices are exceptional, so if you are wondering the cost of tree trimming in your area, give us a call for a free estimate on tree trimming Lawrence.  Please call our friends at tree trimming Haverhill if you are in the north shore region!