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Are you local to the Lawrence area? If so and you are in need of a good tree service company to remove trees on your property, click the button below to give us a call. You can also conveniently fill out the form on this page for a free quote for any of our tree services. 

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    It's not always an easy decision to remove a tree, however in some cases it's necessary. Tree removal is not an easy job and must be done by trained professionals, especially when the tree is near homes, structures, powerlines etc. Call our tree removal company today for expert tree cutting and removal services for Lawrence MA.

    When To Call For Tree Removal Service

    Trees have a great deal of uses and functions. They can act as a natural barrier along the borders of your property. They may serve as protection from the wind and rain and even give us shade in the summer heat. They can be a piece of nature’s own artwork, sprucing up your property and making it prettier, cozier and more appealing. Not to mention trees provide our air with fresh oxygen which is an essential part of our everyday lives. However, there are also times when trees can be dangerous, hazardous or inconvenient. There may be many reasons why you would want a tree or multiple trees removed from your property. In cases such as these it’s important to know when a tree is dying or carrying diseases so that you can know for sure it’s time to chop it down.

    Something you can do to check for disease in your tree is scratch a bit of bark off of several of the twigs on your tree. If what you find underneath the bark is a brown and dry layer, then that could easily mean that your tree is in bad condition. If you notice fungi, such as mushrooms for example, growing near the base of your tree that are producing decay then you will want to get rid of that tree as soon as possible. Another thing to look out for is if the bark is peeling or chipped and the trunk has cracks in it. Cavities in large scaffold branches or the trunk is also a sign of disease in your tree. You can also check for branches in the upper crown of the tree that are hanging or look dead. Finding twigs with no living buds close to the ends of the branches is one more warning sign that your tree is probably in bad condition. If you’re not sure how to find these signs or how to look for or spot them, then you can always call our tree care experts to come surmise the state of your trees and see if they need removal.

    ​Of course there is also the reason of getting rid of trees because of inconvenience. Maybe you have a plan to make a playground for your kids, or a patio to hang out with your friends, or a nice clean lawn, or a mini golf course, or maybe just to open up the space a bit. Regardless of what the reason or purpose is, we are here for hire to help get rid of any unwanted or diseased trees. We also tackle larger jobs involving humongous trees, as well as multiple trees. There is no cap or limit as to how many trees or how big the tree is allowed to be for us to fell it. Our services are fully at the disposal of all residents of Lawrence, MA and the surrounding area. Are you looking up "tree removal near me" in the local area? Give us a call today and we’ll be right over to assess the situation and remove those troublesome trees!