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Anyone with hedges or bushes on their property knows very well that they need upkeep. We can’t just let them grow wild as they would out in the forest, unfortunately. It’s important to keep them well pruned and trimmed in order to ensure their health and beauty. Letting them go too long without care would see your shrubs grow long and stringy, turning your landscaping into a little jungle. Getting your shrubbery regularly trimmed and pruned will make sure that your bushes and hedges stay the size you want them to while still being able to thrive and grow strong.

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    Bush Pruning Service Lawrence MA

    There are, as a matter of fact, ideal times of the year to prune and trim your bushes and hedges. First of all, if your property is presently overgrown and completely out of control, then you need to get some work done right now! Once your shrubbery is taken care of then it’ll be time to talk about the best times for regular trimming and pruning. Non-flowering plants should be trimmed late in the winter, or when you do your spring clean-up. For any flowering plants you may have, you should prune and trim them once they have flowered fully. And it’s advisable to trim it all over again toward the end of fall right before the onset of winter. If your shrubs are young then it’s important that they are trimmed lightly and not too aggressively as this will help them grow bushier and fuller. For your bushes and hedges that are old, with tangled up and unproductive stems, you may need a lengthier program of cuts in order to thin out your bushes. This is called renovation or renewal pruning and it takes a little longer, classically up to three years.

    For those of you with fruit trees in your yard, we’ve got trimming and pruning services available for you too! Fruit trees are an excellent addition to your property. Not only do they provide you with decoration for your landscaping, they also give you the opportunity to harvest your own delicious, fresh fruit. Your younger fruit trees need special attention and the correct type of pruning so they can be structurally set up to grow for maximum health and a good fruit yield. It is imperative that you hire a specialist to prune your fruit trees in order to prevent decay from entering wounds in the tree and to make sure the correct cuts are made so to make sure the tree stays healthy and strong and receives no damage.

    Our trimming and pruning services are fully available to all residents of Lawrence, MA and the surrounding areas. Any bushes, hedges, fruit tree, or shrubs you may have are eligible for our care. Contact us today and have one of our specialized, licensed arborists come down and inspect your property and give you an estimate so you can get started on sprucing up your shrubbery in order to make your property the best it can possibly be!