Emergency Tree Service Lawrence MA

If you need immediate help or assistance with a fallen tree or large branches, please call 911 right away for emergency tree services that are provided for all residents of Lawrence, MA. When storms and strong winds damage trees, it's always important to call for expert help to remove the damaged or fallen trees. 

fallen tree removal lawrence ma

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    There may be times when you need a tree removed from your property as soon as possible due to extenuating circumstances. A tree may fall or become unstable due to storms, lightning, or even larger accidents involving traffic or other elements. Your trees might be plagued by disease and because of this their branches may weaken and be at risk of falling and harming someone or damaging your property. Worse yet, if the root of a tree is sick or decaying it can cause the whole tree to fall, dealing a whole lot of damage to whatever or whoever is in its way. Your tree may be leaning over in a precarious way, and though you may not think much of it, closer inspection may reveal that the tree is sick and ready to topple! In these cases you’ll want to make use of our emergency tree services. Contact us straight away instead of trying to remove the trees yourself as it may pose a serious risk to your well-being. Fallen trees are treacherous and have a very odd and unpredictable weight distribution, making it incredibly easy to injure yourself or damage your property further while trying to remove them.​

    We have a crew of seasoned tree experts who are all well-trained climbers and have handled trees and tree related disasters many a time and are more than ready to dispose of any trees that may be putting you or your property in jeopardy. The safety of our clients, workers, and clients’ property is our chief concern at all times and hence we have a clear and well-planned out road map to fixing and de-escalating each situation while clearing out the trees in question in the safest, most efficient way possible. We are also prepared to coordinate with any other emergency services on site such as paramedics, the fire department, police, or any other such utility workers that might be necessary on the scene.

    So if you’re facing an emergency with a tree or number of trees that need removing urgently then just give us a call and we’ll be right over to deal with the problem in the best way possible! On the South Shore you should reach out to the team that does tree service Brockton MA for help if you have a fallen tree.