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    Tree Service Lawrence, MA

    When you need expert local tree services, tree removal, stump grinding and more, give us a call! Serving Lawrence MA, southern NH and surrounding towns. Certified, fully insured, experienced climbers, well maintained equipment. Safety is always our number one priority!

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    Do you own property with trees, bushes, or hedges on it? Have you had an accident with a tree falling over? Do you have any stumps lying around on your property that need removing? Do you own a fireplace and need to purchase firewood? At Lawrence Tree Pros we provide the highest quality of service for your greenery and vegetation, as well as disposal and felling of unwanted, diseased, dead, dangerous and unstable trees and branches. We have on offer a wide range of services stretching from a little regularly needed tree trimming and pruning to emergency tree cutting or removal and stump grinding. We work with any type of tree, no matter the size or type and have had many jobs tackling red oak care, maple pruning, and pine tree removal in the past. We know a great deal about trees and with just a quick inspection of your trees we’ll be able to tell you in what condition they are in and what must be done to keep them healthy or remove them. We place great importance in safety and each and every one of our jobs is carried out with great care and professional efficiency in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and workers alike. Our certified tree experts are on the ready to take on any job you might have for us and are available to anyone in Lawrence and the surrounding areas.


    Our tree service company was established and is based in Lawrence, Massachusetts. We are a fully insured and licensed company that is operational and available for hire in Lawrence and the surrounding areas. We have been providing our tree-care services in the greater New England area for quite a while now and pride ourselves in being able to take good care of our local community and keep our neighborhoods looking clean, sharp, cozy and well-kept. We have a group of highly trained and certified tree care experts and professionally trained climbers who are all equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and tools for any job that with any tree or number of trees that need care or removal. Our specialized arborists and tree care specialists are well-versed in working through jobs both big and small, leaving homeowners happy and satisfied with our services. Our number one priority is the safety of our clients and workers, and we will work tirelessly and with extreme care to make sure that everyone is as safe and secure as possible in every possible scenario. If you are looking for the “best tree service near me”, it would be have to be Lawrence Tree Pros. If there’s anything we know a whole lot about, it’s trees! We’re passionate about our craft and are ready and available for hire!

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    Our coverage area for tree services covers the city of Lawrence Massachusetts, as well as South Lawrence, Methuen, Andover, North Andover, Ballardvale and parts of Southern NH including Pelham and Salem.  We service both residential customers and local businesses alike for all types of tree services, stump removal and tree maintenance. Please call us if you would like to inquire if we service your area. 


    "I had a row of evergreens that were needing to be removed, was a bigger job than expected but Lawrence Tree pros did a good clean job and price was very reasonable. Good tree service company."

    ​~ Karen S. Andover

    "We bought a new property that needed trees to be removed before we could build an addition. Lawrence Tree pros came out and cleared about 6 tall pines and removed stumps as well. Had a solid team of guys working and did a good job for us." 

    ​~ Jason R. Haverhill

    I'd recommend these guys to anyone. Friendly, professional, and always showed up on time. Took care of a few trees and branches on my property that needed to be cut. I've already referred them to my neighbors." 

    ​~ Bob K. Lawrence


    Our crew at Lawrence Tree Pros offer a variety of services involving trees, bushes and hedges for residents of Lawrence, MA and for those in nearby areas. Our services include tree and branch trimming or cutting, removal and clearing of inconvenient, dangerous or dead trees, clearing out multiple trees, bush and hedge trimming and shaping, the grinding and removal of stumps, emergency tree service, and also the sale of firewood. We have the tools and equipment ready for any size job. Whether it be for a residential property, or a local business that has fallen branches and trees, we can respond in a timely manner and help you tackle any tree situation. Simply give us a call or fill out a form by clicking the button below to get started. 

    For other local tree service please reach out to Tree Service North Andover MA for assistance

    Expert Tree Service Providers


    Our trimming and pruning services in Lawrence are carried out with great precision and our skilled arborists have many techniques and methods in their arsenal that they can put to use in care of your trees, bushes and hedges. Depending on the condition of your tree and what you desire for your trees, you might need different types of pruning, trimming or tree cutting. The removal of dying, diseased, dead, low-vigor, or weakly attached branches from the tree’s crown is known as “cleaning” and is generally useful for getting rid of clutter and keeping your tree healthy and in good shape. If you want to reduce the weight being imposed on heavy limbs and open up the foliage a little, you’ll need to make use of a technique called “thinning” which is the removal of carefully selected branches. This technique with make your tree look more aesthetically pleasing and generally increase its lifespan and health. “Raising” is a pruning technique used to get rid of branches that lie closer down to the ground in order to make way for pedestrians, buildings, vehicles, or anything else that these branches could get in the way of. If your goal is to make some way for utility lines then you would have to apply “reduction” which will essentially reduce the height or spread of the tree. This will give room around the tree keeping it from damaging any power or phone lines. So if you have any type of trimming or pruning needs, call us over at Lawrence Tree Pros and we’ll be there in a jiffy!

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    Do you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove that needs firewood? At Lawrence Tree Pros we not only provide you with the opportunity of purchase, but we deliver directly to the given address for a small fee depending on the distance of the delivery. Quantity is not an issue. Whatever the need, we will deliver. Let us know what your firewood needs are and we’ll be there on the double!


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    In the case of an emergency where a tree has fallen and is blocking your property or a road, or has damaged some of your belongings and is causing trouble, our emergency tree experts are ready to clear out the scene in the safest and most efficient way possible. Our specialists have worked with local police, fire departments, and other utility workers many times and are well aware of protocols and procedures that must be taken in the case of an emergency to ensure the safety of everyone involved and make sure the job goes smoothly while working together in teamwork with whomever necessary. If you find yourself in a tree-related emergency then don’t hesitate to cull us over at Lawrence Tree Pros and we’ll be down before you know it to help secure the situation!

    Full List of Our Services:

    Tree trimming and branch trimming.

    We perform a specialized pruning service to keep your trees in good shape. This involves cutting off dead or excess branches. Recommendable at least twice a year. Trimming and pruning are necessary for the health of your tree as well as to achieve any aesthetic goals for your trees.

    Tree removal and tree clearing.

    If you have a tree in your yard that is sick, inconvenient, or dangerous then our service is available to remove the tree or trees in question. We perform tree felling for single trees as well as multiple trees. No number of trees is too much. An inspection is available by one of our tree care experts to tell you about the state of your trees and inform you what the recommended choice of action is.

     Bush trimming and hedge trimming.

    Whatever shape and form you wish your bushes or hedges to take, whether it be round, square, we will execute and keep your hedges and bushes looking pristine and classy. This service is recommended at least twice a year to insure the look and health of your hedges and bushes.

    Stump grinding and stump removal.

    We remove any and all unwanted and irritating stumps you may have on your property. With either the use of a stump grinder or implementing direct removal, we will ensure that your land is cleared out and that the stump is removed. Our specialists will be there to give you their professional opinion on the situation.

    Emergency tree service.

    In the case of a storm or accident where a tree has fallen and put your property or neighborhood in danger, our services are available to remove the tree, debris and danger from the site before any further damage is done. Our veteran specialists are well-prepared for situations such as these and prepared to work together with the fire department, police, paramedics, or any other utility workers that might be present.

    Firewood for sale.

    ​We provide firewood in all shapes and sizes, for all intents and purposes in whatever quantity is desired and necessary.